Planning a Vacation with Elderly Parents

Holiday with parents should be well planned in order not vain

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Anyone who does not want their holidays end up failing, especially if you bring the parents in old age. Of course there is a presumption on vacation with their parents will be troublesome, for various reasons, the age category above 65 years.

Planned since long day before. Do not worry, plan carefully, because parents always want all goes well, and plan from a long day, watch how their health conditions, medical tests and ask advice of a doctor before departing.

The right destination. This needs to be adapted to their age and stamina, for example, the distance is not too far away. Look for destinations that is not so challenging and exhausting, it has easy access and comfortable lodging facilities.

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Good transportation, safe and comfortable. Of course we hope they can enjoy a comfortable journey, not tired and happy.

Travel insurance. It's very necessary to minimize the risk for elderly parents, no reason to postpone, even for the young travelers.

Special fixtures. For example medicines and equipment while on a trip like drink bottles up an extra blanket. In fact you need to keep records containing important phone numbers such as hospitals.

Consider food. The part that needs to be examined properly, the elderly are particularly vulnerable parents with food, they are not too comfortable for a culinary tour. Note the cleanliness and cholesterol in addition to selection to match their tastes.

When the trip has been arranged and carefully, there is no reason to postpone the trip. They will be welcomed, the awaited day will be greeted with a cheerful countenance and open heart.

(Source S Noviyanti - Kompas Travel /Images Helena Nina, F Benjamin)


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