Hello Kitty character is not the Cat

Hello Kitty celebrated its 40th anniversary last year at the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

After the latest promotions through the presence of a restaurant in Hong Kong, which officially will serve the visitors from June 1 this year, this cartoon character has always appeared young and as fresh as ever.

The restaurant will present themselves with great fanfare, and received a positive response from fans in Hong Kong. Each menu is presented to the visitors, must have the approval and testing of Sanrio executives.

Various campaigns have done along the way to entertain the fans, as appeared in the fuselage, including boarding cards, soap, food, toilet paper, even a bag of vomit all decorated with Hello Kitty characters, as well as hotel rooms, cafes, and food trucks all over the world.

Many questions from the fans, and an anthropologist had assured them, reminding fans of Hello Kitty that the character is not a cat. Hello Kitty is a cheerful happy little girl and a heart of gold, who lives in the suburbs of London with her parents and twin sister Minny, with a five apples high.

Wherever fans traveled, they would be happy to see, maybe one day you met at a hotel, or perhaps a restaurant in Hong Kong which will open the middle of this year.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, Sanrio /Images Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine Pages)


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