Holiday without having to Travel Far from Home

Holiday requires a lot of preparation, such as time, a healthy body, the cost and others

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We always liked to travel, especially tourism activities, but behind all these things we are required to have a healthy physical. Imagine the way to the tourist attractions, we had to break through the highway that was jammed and many other things that can interfere with comfort.

Well, of course there is a way to vacation without having to leave the house too much. Here are six ways to fill the holiday at home, citing apartmenttheraphy sites.

1. Cooking. If you like this activity, the cooking is a fun activity, even food will taste delicious, and we can be a bit of experimenting with flavors and seasonings. Do not forget to involve other family members, and the day will be wonderful.

2. Make a craft. This activity will be fun for family members, especially children. Many things can be made, start simple by using second-hand goods, even can also redecorating your home.

3. Farming. Healthy activities with family, teach children about nature. Children will love the plants and get to know the types that vary.

4. Fix the corner of the house that is rarely touched. Interesting activity, because dismantle corner of the house that is rarely touched, a unique experience for families. For example contents of the kitchen, book collection, wardrobe. Items that have been worn can be given to someone else or sold.

5. Watching movies marathon and serial manner. Fun, for sure. Choose the appropriate movie for the family, and prepare snacks such as popcorn and smoothies, that feels like a movie.

6. Hold a small party. Will definitely crowded when prepared with the whole family, a small party with all acquaintances, friends and close family. Invite each participant to bring party food that can be shared together.

Turns out all you can, holidays can last well and will feel impressive of all, be happy and a happy family.

(Source U Widowati - CNN Indonesia /Image N Ginting)


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