Choosing a Smartphone for Traveling

Smartphone not only to communicate, but taken as a holiday purposes

Of course you are fully aware of how the benefit and support gadgets in living everyday life, even then when you are traveling to a tourist, one day.

Of course there are several criteria that must be considered when you traveled, the following are tips on choosing a phone for traveling lovers.

Camera features. Of course, the camera becomes the most important tool when you traveled, you want the resulting picture was nice, practical and quickly capture important moments, store photos, and directly upload pictures to social media. Consideration is a good camera, as follows, namely the amount of pixels, the ability of the image sensor, optical quality, and the lights flash.

Battery Charging. You want quickly filled, of course. Choose a smartphone with a fast charging process, or have VOOC flash charging facilities. These capabilities make the recharging only done within 30 minutes, and increased by 75 percent.

Tough and Strong. Of course you want this, because it is likely to fall, squeezed by the goods, and it was not unexpected. Look smartphone from metal materials, or for example of stainless steel, aluminum lithium or magnesium alloy.

Convenient in usage. Several important facilities required, eg GPS guides, ergonomically comfortable grip, so you can move quickly and always have the support of your activities quickly.

The right time for sightseeing, as well as to capture a variety of interesting locations, natural scenery, ancient buildings, local food, and even you can do 'selfie' it up with friends traveling companion.

(Source AA Fathana – Kompas Travel, J ‘Fredly’ Photograhy - Jakarta /Images Anne Schramm)


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