Tourism Promotion through Arabian Travel Market Dubai 2015

Asian countries promote to invite tourists from the Middle East

Arabian Travel Market

Tourism event in Dubai seems to be a good opportunity for countries in Asia to attract tourists from the Middle East, various ways of promotion to make the various attractions in the country to look beautiful and worth selling.

As an example of Indonesia, which sends 14 tour operators and travel agencies as well as 23 hotels and resorts taking part in trade fairs themed travel "Family Travel", from a tourist event which involves tourism industry players from 98 countries participated in the exhibition.

It is not negligible share of the Middle East travel market is very large and has not been taken up by the tourism industry from various Asian countries, approximately 30 million travelers per year from the Middle East traveling to various parts of the world tourist area.

Tourists landed on Gili Trawangan Lombok from Bali using boat

Tourists from the Middle East is indeed tempting Asian countries, given the purchasing power above the average, which is nearly 1,400 dollars per visit.

Tourism has always been creative department to create new markets travelers from certain countries, such as Chinese tourists continues to increase to various tourist areas in Southeast Asia, such as the tourist destination of Bali and Lombok.

(Source Kompas, Kompas Travel /Images Arabian Travel Market, F Benjamin)


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