Selecting Schedules Flight To Not Affected Delay

According to a survey conducted by Air Help

Delayed holiday plans, anyone would be upset, because one way or another makes trapped air travel delay, make you confused to do anything, all blurred.

There is always a reason why flights disrupted by reason of the delay in accordance airline, for this kind of thing we need to anticipate, for example, an election day of departure.

Quoting from the Huffington Post, if you do not want to experience a delay, then order a departure of your flight for Saturday.

An interesting survey, since Saturday the smallest possibility of delay compared to all days of the week. The possibility of only about 18.11 percent on Saturday, other days, such as Friday, the possibility of delay reaching 29.47 percent.

While other days, on Monday at 25.69 percent, Tuesday 26.60 percent, Wednesday 23.59 percent, Thursday 21.69 percent, and Sunday 24.13 percent. It turned out that Friday be the day with the greatest possibility of delay, some things cause a lot of flights, air traffic was also more dense, the pickup is also increased, passing people at the airport and so on.

What about the departure time? Is most likely during the day, fell briefly in the afternoon and peak occurred at 18:00. What's your plan? Are you already planning your vacation as well as the departure time?

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Huffington Post /Image L Tambajong)


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