A moment at the Queen Victoria Market

A market which is worth a visit in Melbourne

Maybe one day you are in the city of Melbourne and is in located in the city center, and confused want to go anywhere else, a place well worth a visit, Queen Victoria Market deserves to be one of the agenda of the visit.

An area which is located on the south side of the Australian continent, you will find a variety of food ingredients from different parts of the world, a market that is becoming one of the icons of the city, the market is clean with all the requirements for the citizens of the city.

The market was built in 1878 in typical European style architecture building with yellow paint, with offerings for visitors, beef or poultry or fish, and even do not be surprised if you meet the kangaroo meat seller, and other wild animals.

Market seem luxurious and immaculate, as written in an article in the tourist sites, Kompas Travel, visitors will love it, with interesting treats visitors to taste, a variety of breads and condiments, cheeses from France, Dolmates of Greece, pasta from Italy, wines from chardonnay and chocolate made in Australia.

One day when you are in Melbourne, and do not forget the opportunity to stop, maybe you will impress more deeply. Definitely.

(Source FI Riatmoko – Kompas Travel, N Rosdiana - Melbourne /Images N Rosdiana)


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