Visa trip to South Africa is not as easy as it used to

The country introduced new requirements for applying for a visa for a visit

Beach of Cape Town

Travel to South Africa becomes one of choice for world travelers, beach, nature, savanna, culinary and history of the country at the southern tip of the African continent, there is always a lot of interesting stories waiting there. No wonder that the average tourist arrivals reached more than nine million tourists every year come to visit this country.

But a new regulation related to the tourism in that country, starting from May last year, when the Ministry Of Internal Affairs filed a requirement for the traveler who visit South Africa along with their child must requires the birth certificate. Even the complete data itselves and detailed of both parents should also be taken, according to Skift news sites.

Penguin colony at False Bay

West Cape, South Africa

This was conveyed by Minister of Tourism of South Africa, Derek Hanekom, and further requirements still grow again, the tourists are also required to apply for personal documents in English to the visitor center.

It would be inconvenient for migrants, particularly those aimed traveled, but they have a homeland security-related reasons, and also to combat child trafficking.

The positive side is the tourist visits become more targeted, and state governments can more easily in the management of tourism.

Source: CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Skift
Images: A Soekirno, D Upala Poucin


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