Australian tourist visits Bali increased

Based on the Central Bureau of Statistics of Bali Province in March 2015

Sunrise in Sanur beach, Bali

Furor in a variety of things can happen, including the issue of the death penalty for drug offenders between the governments of two neighboring countries, but it does not apply in the minds of the tourists.

Travelers who flock to the island of Bali continues to increase, including in the records of the Central Bureau of Statistics of Bali Province, even increasing trend occurred in March 2015.

Of course this has become attractive after the furore which especially becomes larger through reports in various media, tourist arrivals to Bali became an attraction and understanding for tourists, even tourists from Australia ranked first in March amounted to 13.10 percent of the month February 2015 only 71.336 people rose to 80.682 people in March 2015.

Kecak Dance along with the sunset, Uluwatu Peninsula, Bali

Bali remains embedded in the hearts of the tourists, the area is a comfortable place, including Australians who want a vacation. Australia is known to be a rational society, personal needs would not be mixed into other things outside of their lives.

Tourism is unique in one's life, many things can happen in life, but it needs to be in a tourist area has become a way of life for a person, and is personal.

(Source S Lestari - Kompas Travel, Bali Central Statistic Agency /Images N Ginting, M Paath Djojonegoro)


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