Always Available Free Ways Stroll Around the World - 2

Opportunities to travel to various places in the world

Tourists in Egypt

When the open road to reach the best places in the world, we certainly would not have missed, and always available unique ways to achieve it. As presented in the first part of the article for a walk around the world for free.

Citing articles from Lonely Planet tourist sites, the available road when we can observe a little bit, some clever way to be able to travel abroad cheaply, even for free.

Continuing the first part of this article, the following ways to be able to walk around the world that may be obtained.

Find New Friends

You can make new friends through a few specific sites, for example GlobalFreeloaders or Couchsurfing, and be prepared to have new experiences with new people in other countries, with a backpacker-style amenities, such as a mattress, sofa, or just coffee.

Of course you keep the precautionary principle in making friends, and co-behaved when your house gets a chance.

Take Advantage of Airline, Hotel Promotions, etc

Tourist sites, hotel sites, airline sites heavily promoting, when you closely as possible a fortune, when obtaining low prices for travel and free accommodation.

Do not hesitate to look for points from a website, and a loyal customer. Maybe one day your points can be beneficial to reserve a hotel room or airline ticket.

Teaching Foreign Languages

A great way around the world, and increase revenue, taught English for five or seven days in countries that do not speak English.

Some sites available that offer, for example JourneyEast, The Jet Programme or AEON, ESLcafe, and CIEE Teach Abroad.

Sure there are some administrative requirements necessary, then you can get the facility a place to stay, food during the time required. If all goes well There will receive recommendations elsewhere with new experiences, of course.

Travel around the world is possible, even if you have constraints in some cases, through careful observation, all can be realized.

Continued in Part 3.

(Source RS Afrisia - CNN Indonesia, Lonely Planet /Image Juan Tobing)


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