Enjoying Naked on Cruise Holidays

Tourist services continues to increase in popularity lately

Cruise Ships, Nassau Harbour

Cruise holidays trends does attract some tourists the world, and the needs of the cruise ships also increased, even for travelers with specific needs.

Even through an online survey conducted by TripAdvisor, a new trend is present, namely sailing yacht while naked. The survey was conducted to 22.091 tourists were interviewed and stated that half of them will not be shy to leave their swimming costumes, if they were on the beach naked.

Of course, this trend received a response from tour operators, cruises, hotels and resorts, which then provides a special place for tourists and off the beaten track that requires a relaxed state for a vacation without clothes. For example, Nancy Tiemann, Director of Bare Necessities, running a business - vacation package without clothes for 25 years said, sailing in particular have grown extraordinarily.

"We obviously think and had a prejudice about nudists, but the hell!" she said.

And, this situation is also seen in the growth of cruise ships that offer such services, on a ship with 500 passengers in 1992 to 45 cruise ships with 30 thousand people in 2010.

Apart with this trend, it may be in the nude vacation concept still difficult to understand by most tourists, said a statement from Nancy Tiemann.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, TripAdvisor /Image N Mayo - Bahamas)


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