"Village and Heritage Tour" in Borobudur

A program of UNESCO for tourism in the surrounding area

Morning Blue in Borobudur

Borobudur Temple indeed attract the attention of tourists from various places in the world, in addition to the Sailendra dynasty relics of ancient architecture, a unique Buddhist tradition and beautiful natural surroundings.

UNESCO is thinking to develop this program for tourists, as well as to introduce tourists to the natural beauty and diverse potential of creative industries in the villages around Borobudur.

Programs that provide education on tourists on the environment surrounding people's lives, visited industrial sites of households, which receive special assistance from UNESCO, as a manufacturer of unique Borobudur batik, business ceramic glaze and fruit jam production in the Community Gallery, Village Kregilan, Village Karanganyar, and surroundings.

Borobudur at Sunrise

Then visit the manufacturer of sugar and traditional snacks in the hillside of Purwosari Kembanglimus Village to traditional arts in the foothills Menoreh Karanganyar Village. Thus the explanation of Diana Setyawati, Project Coordinator UNESCO Jakarta, Borobudur Sub-Office.

Borobudur is known for the moment when the sunrise from the top of the Purwosari hill, or about 600 meters from west part of the temple, most tourists have found out, they wait for that moment to arrive, and the UNESCO program can complement public awareness of the beauty of Borobudur and tourists from all sides, as well as measures preservation of the temple and the surrounding region.

(Source Ika Fitriana – Kompas Travel, UNESCO Program /Images Wahid Ar Photography)


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