Luxury Villa residence place of Nelson Mandela

The cost of staying reach 70 thousand rand per night

One of Nelson Mandela House at Johannesburg

A place that is worthy of being a destination for tourists who want a different experience, a resting place where Nelson Mandela was able to relax with the family, located in the Shambala Private Game Reserve about 160 miles north of Johannesburg.

When you get a chance to this place, complete with a range of decent facilities, lounge, swimming pool, dining room, and porch.

Getting an atmosphere in the former residence of the former president of South Africa, a Mozambique-style house a home with six bedrooms with natural atmosphere typical of Africa, as well as the animals'.

A place in the compound Nelson Mandela Centre for Reconciliation was built for former South African president after retiring from political life in 1999 and opened in 2001. Once closed, then reopened in December 2013, can accommodate up to 12 people in five bedrooms primary, coupled with extensive presidential suite equipped with dressing rooms.

Special experience for tourists when staying at this place, being part of a history of a former president who has always been a humanist in the lives of his reign.

(Source M Wahyuningsih - CNN Indonesia /Image A Bailey - wikipedia)


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