Stroll to the Smoke Free State

Healthy traveled to countries that prohibit cigarette smoke in public places

Bourke's Street, Melbourne

This is a new experience for you if one day chances, the opportunity to visit the countries that are free of smoke, it would be nice for you, if you are not a heavy smoker.

Enjoy the ride in a tourist spot which is really non-smoking, a new experience for most tourists. The simplest example may be given in Singapore in Southeast Asia so tight run this rule, especially in enclosed spaces, indoor.

Here are some other country besides Singapore prohibiting smoke in public places.

Iceland. Country far to the north, in the northern Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean are raging, you are still permitted to smoke, but only in certain places in the restaurant, bar, or pub.

Ireland. They are aggressively campaigning non-smoking, and became the first country to prohibit smoking in indoor spaces.

Shops in Melbourne

Australia. Enjoy the clean natural freshness in urban areas, to breathe clean air. Do not be surprised if you're walking around in the city, on the corner of the city will look ad the smoking ban.

Canada. Successful campaigns for the population of the country concerned with a smoke-free life, for example, stores will keep cigarettes out of sight of customers.

Norway. Serious government on anti-smoking programs since 2004 in all enclosed places, and succeeded. The number of smokers has declined.

Well, how do you respond to something like this? Interesting when one day you present in these countries. Travel and healthy, it's a must!

(Source M Wahyuningsih - CNN Indonesia, G Alexei - Singapore /Images N Rosdiana)


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