The World's Largest Hotel Provide 10,000 Rooms

Offers views of the desert in Mecca, will be completed in 2017

Venetian, Las Vegas - Photo Credit R Barnard

If during this time we know the largest hotel in the world to this day still in Las Vegas, namely The Venetian and The Palazzo, which operates as a single hotel, offering 7.117 rooms.

But starting in 2017 the title of largest hotel in the world coming to an end, with the number of rooms to 10,000 rooms in 12 separate towers, consisting of 44 floors, and has 70 restaurants, a helipad on the roof, luxury floor, and the convention center.

Palazzo Casino, Las Vegas - Photo Credit Alex Proimos

Remarkable, certainly with a view to keeping pace with the program welcomed the pilgrims who visit the city, situated in a Manafia zone from the center of Mecca, just 2.2 kilometers south of Masjid al-Haram.

A great work of architect hotel, Dar Al-Handasah, with the cooperation of the interior by the studio based in London, Areen Hospitality, and is expected to be in accordance with luxurious style found elsewhere in the region.

The coming years we will witness a lot of work still world class spectacular architecture in various countries around the world, and on the other hand the presence of the hotel seen from the world of tourism can be a striking landmark to the identity of the Arab region and its surroundings.

(Source M Wahyuningsih - CNN Indonesia, Telegraph /Images wikipedia)


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