Travelers Sexiest Woman in the World

Interesting survey of tourists from the site MissTravel at 2015

Tourists in Gili Trawangan, Lombok

After the survey conducted a year ago by a tourist site, of course something like this to the attention also of interest in a trip, woman tourists is considered sexy by other travelers.

In the previous article that gives travelers the results of the travelers sexiest man in the world this year, then in the following sections delivered on countries of origin of travelers sexiest woman in 2015.

Tourists landed on Gili Trawangan from Bali

A year ago the Brazilian women travelers as tourists most sexy, the changing position of the tourists from Armenia.

The following survey results conducted to 66.309 women and 44.873 male respondents of the United States.

1. Armenia
2. Barbados
3. United States
4. Colombia
5. England

6. Australia
7. Brazil
8. Philippines
9. Bulgaria
10. Lebanon

Interesting results in the middle of your tour in a place, even though you may think of many other things, given the privilege of a tourist spot.

(Source M Chairunisa – Kompas Travel, The Huffington Post, MissTravel /Images F Benjamin)


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