Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine opened in Kowloon

A unique restaurant officially opened to the public on June 1

Something new from Hello Kitty with a variety of menu offerings for its customers, about 37 food menu featuring the distinctive Hello Kitty character, including whiskers, ears, and its month face shape.

Of course you can taking the time to visit Hong Kong, one day, citing an article from AFP, Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine restaurant in Kowloon, serving fans officially start next month.

Long story before the opening of this unique eating place, the owner of a successful restaurant Man Kwong won the right to open a Hello Kitty themed restaurant this year for a large number of fans in Hong Kong.

Special dish for visitors, such as dumplings and steamed bread decorated with Hello Kitty character butterfly ribbon pink, red color obtained from beet juice. Nest noodle baskets shaped Hello Kitty silhouette containing shrimp and vegetables, while noodles fried noodles decorated with ribbon-shaped Hello Kitty, a portion of rice with a moon face shape given mustache, eyes, and ribbons of soybeans, or carrots.

Hong Kong well founded shine in the eyes of tourists, a new restaurant await customers, Hello Kitty is always youthful always ready to give the best smile for anyone.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia /Images Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine Pages)


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