Vacationing while Learning Kungfu in China

China has always been synonymous with kung fu martial arts, so tourists interested to learn

Lake Shi Cha Hai, Beijing

For tourists who are visiting to a tourist destination, of course there is always a specific reason for tourists to visit these places, among others, nature, culture, people and traditions or culinary, for example.

Well, what if the tourists are interested in the martial art of kung fu, of course, is only found in the land of China, a large country in the north, certainly.

A journalist who lives in China, Sasha Matuszak, produced a documentary about Chinese kungfu entitled The New Masters, as reported by CNN website.

Forbidden City, Beijing

Personal unique experience when able to find a way to learn, and become a impressive experience for tourists, Matuszak said, finding inspiration from martial arts is a test that requires persistence, intuition, and patience, as in kung fu training.

Find a place in the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, and because of the beauty of the place, in the middle of a beautiful forest with views of the mountain, tourists pouring in, boarding buses with great curiosity and enthusiasm, around the temples and monasteries, around the Pagoda Forest.

Just believe, without a determination, hard work and seriousness, surely all in vain, but tourists do not need to be disappointed with the requirements to become a disciples of kung fu, they provide entertainment for the tourists with a show performed by the wushu kungfu great athlete as well as the uniqueness of the local culinary origin of Henan. Interesting!

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia /Images G Alexei, M Kretyawan)


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