White Bias Beach hidden between Two Hills

The beach is better known by foreign tourists as “Virgin Beach” or “White Sand Beach”

A beach is actually better known by foreign tourists, given the travel route to this area quite hard, through natural obstacles as well as hiking the extent of approximately 500 meters.

A tourist recognizes this coast, still clean and captivating, and believe me here still feels lonely, so you will feel like being in a privately owned beach.

The beach is located at a distance that takes approximately 3 hours from Karangasem, East Bali, or about 6 kilometers east from Candidasa tourism object with beautiful natural scenery, nestled between two hills has a blackish white sandy texture.

When you are in this region, enjoy the virgin nature scenery, beautiful beaches and natural to offer to visitors from anywhere. Immediately feel the aroma of life of local communities, the population with the majority of farmers farming in harmony with nature so free treats along the way.

White Bias Beach (Pantai Bias Putih) is different from other beaches, even strange according to local residents, the sand is white mixed with a little black, noticeably cooler than the black sand when exposed to light in the daytime. Perhaps you will be there, when like a bit of adventure to reach this area.

(Source EJ Artawan – Kompas Travel, V Gumay E Putri - Denpasar / Images V Gumay E Putri)


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