5 Cheap and Practical Souvenir from Vacation

Souvenirs are bought should have the impression, and not always expensive

Tourists at Gili Trawangan, Lombok

Leave for vacation is always exciting, it wants to quickly arrive at a vacation spot, and we often forget the messages from friends or family members who want to buy a souvenir.

Souvenir certainly given after returning from travel, as a sign we remember them, not as an obligation.

We also do not have an obligation, so much the cost of wasted just to buy a souvenir, even reaching 30 percent of the holiday budget, sometimes more. More trouble again when the gift is only a burden and then to 'junk' for the recipient.

Certainly need to look for the best way, in order to be more memorable gift and not expensive, easily available at souvenir shops in tourist areas, and we did not feel burdened to take the souvenir home as a memorable gift for the recipient.

Here are 5 cheap souvenirs and festive commonly available in tourist areas.

1. Key Chain. Souvenir type much favored by the young age, it can even be a certain pride, especially when it has the characteristics of a particular country, such as the Eiffel Tower.

2. Patch Refrigerator Magnets. Practical souvenir form, because it can be affixed anywhere, and be pleasant memories for the recipient.

Bali Beachwalk

3. Small Purse. Has a shape that varies as a result of the creation of local residents with the typical local materials or local iconic images.

4. Ballpoint/pen. Souvenir multi-function, either as a gift from the giver and also can be used everyday. Cheap, easy, and useful.

5. Local Snacks Specialties. Of course you need to be careful, because the food is always related to the time period expired. People like to carry it as a souvenir, because it is easy to carry, cheap, and not sensitive to odors or stale. Examples of snacks, such as candy, chocolate, or nuts.

Bring a souvenir after returning from a long journey, especially trips are always awaited by anyone, family members and close friends, all received souvenirs and all happy.

(Source F Abdurachman - Kompas Travel /Images P Benjamin, M Paath Djojonegoro)


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