Gangwon always synonymous with Winter Sonata

The place of the famous shooting of the romantic drama movie

A romantic movie which then makes this place became known as a romantic destination region, although previously referred to as the 'Land of Nature', and anyone would agree with the beautiful nature, mountains, sea, and beaches in the region.

Maybe if you traveled to Korea, the mind comes, is the city of Seoul and Jeju Island were able to dazzle the world travelers who have visited.

Gangwon Province offers a variety of tourist destinations for travelers who want a vacation, as well as honeymooners.

They have Nami Island, as the shooting of the romantic drama, Winter Sonata, the people who followed the Korean drama definitely visit this place, because the effect of the story contained therein.

Travelers love this area, in addition to Nami Island, then they will not miss a chance to visit the region scented sea and beach, to a place called Gangneung and Jeongdongjin.

(Source Ni Luh Made Pertiwi – Kompas Travel /Images A Shita Devi)


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