New trends, Travelled while Exercising

This type of tourism has captured the global market up to US $ 500 billion

According to a report showing a new hobby of tourists in the United States are looking for fitness, go out and lose weight.

Travelers now have a different mind, at least according to a report from an institute of tourism, healthy tourism is now being crowded performed. The report of the Global Wellness Tourism Economy in 2013, this type of tourism has captured the global market up to US $ 500 billion.

Citing Reuters, Well Good, a health media company initiators, Melisse Gelula, convey a new phenomenon, "Retreat fitness is usually interpreted to go out and lose weight. Now, fitness turned into a schedule which may also be followed by a sumptuous dinner, to the beach, cocktail party and dance at night."

Some tourism agencies begin to consider carefully this trend, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. will launch the Zumba Cruise Program. A travel program that includes aerobics zumba dance workout program during the cruise from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, toward Jamaica and Haiti.

When you have received from the tourists, do not be surprised if the various tourism operators will strives to serve requests, even tourists do not mind if the type of travel related to physical activity as befits members of the military action.

The new trends are constantly evolving, and fun as one gained unique experience when traveling. Why not, right?

(Source HA Samosir - Indonesian CNN, Reuters /Image A Niaki - IndoRunner)


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