Cities of Worst Traffic Design in the World

City dwellers sit too long in the jam and use of private cars

Jakarta after office hours

When you set foot in a city tourist destination in the world, without knowing your destination city is one of the cities with the worst traffic in the world, thus bypassing the congestion becomes a special experience for the tourists.

The city government is designing their city with great enthusiasm, to build new highways, flyovers, MRT, bus special way and so on.

But behind all efforts to develop the city, hidden many social problems and transport, for migrants and tourists of course it becomes an interesting sight at once irritating.

Here's an excerpt from the Huffington Post, several cities with the worst traffic in the world of design.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A dynamic city with the fastest growing economy and the world's tallest building, but not friendly to pedestrians. Although its main roads/boulevard is too wide, the buildings are too big and tall.

Old Car Carnival in Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia.The city is known as the city with private vehicles, public transport is inadequate. The urban population has no other choice but to spend 400 hours a day to sit in traffic.

Atlanta, United States. Has similarities with the city of Jakarta, masssal inadequate transportation, and the subway is often blocked for specific interests.

Boston, United States. A beautiful city but it is often confusing for newcomers, because the shape of the streets are like a maze. This city seems necessary to rearrange the concept of highways.

Sao Paulo, Brazil. Departing from a small town that continues to grow to be so large, into urban centers, to the metropolis. Tall buildings are falling apart in the slums of small communities. And, some people prefer to transport helicopters, and some of them are indeed capable.

Anybody, when arriving in a city, the face of the city traffic can be a representation of the city, tourists really enjoyed all, and make it a special experience.

(Source RS Afrisia – CNN Indonesia, Huffington Post /Images A Sibarani, M Kretyawan)


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