Countries of the Travelers Sexiest Man in the World

Based on a survey of the travel site, MissTravel in 2015

Tourists in Buckingham Palace, London

You are in a tourist area on the most favorite places in the world, is it still reasonable when tourists gathered there, but what if observed more carefully? Of course we do not know why a survey to observe things like this, for the most tourists a visit is a very personal journey.

A site conducted a survey of travelers sexiest man, they all originate from any country. Maybe there is curiosity, we do not know everyone always has their own discretion.

A survey conducted last year, 2014, the last year of travel sites MissTravel call Australian male, in contrast to the latest results of travelers sexiest man in the world this year.

Here are the results of a survey of 66.309 women and 44.873 male respondents of the United States.

1. Ireland
2. Australia
3. Pakistan
4. United States
5. England

6. Scotland
7. Italy
8. Nigeria
9. Denmark
10. Spain

Of course, these gives interesting results, maybe someday in your tour in a nice place, will observe them carefully. And obtained different view depending on the angle of view of each, we never know.

(Source M Chairunisa – Kompas Travel, The Huffington Post, MissTravel /Image W Sjahran)


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