New Tourist Area that Began to Open for Tourists

5 Asian destinations which begin visited in the last ten years

Bagan, Myanmar

Of course, many considerations rating when they are choosing a travel destination, among others, is security, as well as infrastructure problems.

Well, in the last ten years several new tourist attractions began to get the attention of tourists, tourist places have started to improve various facilities required by the travelers.

Myanmar. Originally rating considers this region so isolated, they turned out to be one of the friendly tourist destination, saving tremendous potential. You can witness the incredible variety of attractions, the Buddhist tradition, a thousand temples of Bagan, friendly local community life, and their culinary.

Temple of Shwedagon, Yangon

Sri Lanka. They began to clean up and be aware of the tourism life which gets the visit as much as 1.27 million foreign tourists have visited Sri Lanka in 2013 (PATA) and continues to increase, you can enjoy a variety of exceptional attractions, such as beaches, wildlife, heritage and cultural sites incredible history but unspoiled owned this country.

North Korea. Many questions about the country, but they are very exotic. Tourist visits to North Korea continues to increase, most of them originating from China that reached 237,000 people in 2012, and tourists from the United States is gradually increasing.

Vietnam. Who would have thought this country become so famous lately, especially in the last ten years. Among other attractions in the area of ​​the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park became one of the attractions for tourists. Cultural traditions, culinary and exotic nature become part of the planned elections this region for tourists.

Iran. According to a travel site Gogobot, this area becomes a new tourist destination on the rise, even ranked first in the list of "10 Best Countries" to visit in 2015 by Rough Guide, with attractions ranging from ancient ruins to the slopes to ski on Tehran. Tourists from Europe like this region, not unexpected when visits increased by 200 percent.

The new tourist area always inviting curiosity, then tourists will establish a list of visits, and one of the country worth visiting.

(Source M Chairunisa - Kompas Travel, The Huffington Post /Images DA Abadhy - Yangon)


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