Twilight Pearl Image in Senggigi Beach

Iconic beach of Lombok Island

Senggigi Beach

Note: Here is an article from a traveler, Dhanang Dave, from a trip to the island of Lombok. The island is becoming known by tourists from around the world as an alternative of the island of Bali.

Taken from the original title, "Twilight Pearl Image in Senggigi"

TWILIGHT was in Senggigi, one of the iconic beach of Lombok Island. I was surprised a souvenir hawkers approached me while burning shimmering pearls. Not far from there looked a busy fishing boat fix the screen.

The footpath from the travelers back and forth to and fro. Behind the wall, those who have more money than was enjoying an afternoon with a nap in the poolside recliner, staring at the darkened sky.

Lombok, an island flanked by the island of Bali and Sumbawa Island. The island is very special and become an alternative of tourist destinations other than Bali. Magnificent Mount Rinjani until sprinkling gilis (gili - is - small islands) scattered around the Mataram land.

Senggigi at Sunset

Hearing the word “Lombok”, it will easily call Rinjani, Gili, and Senggigi. That evening I deliberately spend time at the beach which became an icon of the island of Lombok, while many other beaches that does not lose its beauty. Senggigi so compelling, in my opinion especially charm sunset and its residents activity surrounding.

A moment so step on the sand of Senggigi Beach, a souvenir hawkers came up to me. She offers a variety of jewelry, mostly made of pearls. West Nusa Tenggara is famous as one of the quality pearls in Indonesia, even the world as well admit it.

I of course have developed resistance to the seduction style of the sellers can only nod, when she explained its wares with seduction. To ensure the quality of pearls, she took out a match and burn the gas one pearl beads.

"If it's broke, melting, or cracking the pearl is false," she said as she continued to burn pearl blackening soot.

I'm already from the beginning is not interested in buying only froze, how reckless these people to persuade me to trust property are at stake. Pearls are made of calcium carbonate and other mineral mixture of different types of oysters is not going to affect the heating, in contrast to the plastic.

To test it by burning, I was just thinking what if the beads are made of a type of glass?

Senggigi, Lombok, April 2015

(Source D Dhave - Kompasiana, KompasTravel, A Ningghar - Lombok /Images A Ningghar)


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