The latest innovation from AirAsia, e-boarding pass

Effective from May 5, 2015, for example on domestic flights from Jakarta

If you are a subscriber airline of AirAsia certain departure from the airport, for example from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, something new, namely the check-in process is different.

E-boarding Pass provide a new experience for passengers, check-in via AirAsia Mobile app, and then the customer will automatically receive an e-boarding pass on their smart phones.

Well, the easier it is for certain passengers who do not carry baggage can go directly to the boarding gate, while if you are carrying luggage, baggage can be handed over in advance at baggage drop counter at the airport. Arriving at the boarding gate, the Officer will match customer data with identity cards and scanning the e-boarding pass, then you can immediately go to the plane.

Do not forget, you are required to show the e-boarding pass to the cabin crew before entering the plane, and immediately left for your trip in various places.

Something new on the AirAsia, and will be implemented gradually in various AirAsia hubs, both for domestic and international flights.

(Source Kompas Travel, AirAsia Indonesia /Images AirAsia)


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