10 Addictive Foods Especially when Traveling

Based on research from the University of Michigan on some foods are proven to be addictive

In everyday life we ​​often consume food which then makes us addicted, types of foods are quite familiar, say pizza or chocolate.

A study from the University of Michigan can provide the most appropriate proof, they showed there are some foods that proved to be more addictive than other foods. Studies show that certain foods will make your blood sugar soaring very high and immediately after consumption.

Well, what if it happens when traveling? Possibly, because these foods are easy to find in a tourist spot, so we should not be surprised. According to the researchers, that most people can not leave foods that are high in fat and have a high glycemic index (GI), with sugar and refined carbohydrates is high.

Here are the types of food that has been named as the most addictive foods.

1. Pizza (GI: 22, fat: 10)
2. Chocolate (GI: 14, fat: 13)
3. Chips (GI: 12, fat: 10)
4. Biscuits (GI: 7, fat: 4)
5. Ice cream (GI: 14, fat: 15)

6. French fries (GI: 21, fat: 18)
7. Cheeseburger (GI: 17, fat: 28)
8. Soda (non-diet) (GI: 16, Fat: 0)
9. Cake (GI: 24, fat: 10)
10. Cheese (GI: 0, fat: 9)

Travel tours are always finding unexpected things, including when we hunt in a unique culinary tour, and like the above results, then also we can find other food that will not make addicted claimed, for example, cucumbers, carrots, beans, apples, rice plain red, broccoli, bananas, salmon, corn, and strawberries.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia /Images PT Hadi, E Widi)


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