Types of Travelers in the World that You can Meet - 2

Most likely you are to be one of six types of them

The boat of travelers to Lombok from Bali

As presented by The Future Foundation, that in the coming years until 2030, there will be six types of the travelers in the world, the study by the method of interview and workshops with industry experts and researchers in the fields related to consumer trends.

Tourism and tourists type in the world is going to change, they did want a certain kind of experience, but in the next few years, tourists buy and interact with the travel industry will also change, as said by Nick Chiarelly, Director of the Future Foundation.

"Over the next 15 years, the desire to share the experience of travel will increase, and the impact of sharing inspiration and purchasing trends will also grow."

Here are 6 types of travelers in the world that we may encounter one day.

Social capital seekers. They are planning a vacation with the help of the Internet, and is highly dependent on the review and recommendation of their friends to take a decision.

Cultural purists. Vacation for them is seriously a vacation. They are willing to learn new things, foreign cultures, enjoyment of the holiday is highly dependent on the experience they felt.

Ethical travelers. Is a holiday while preserving the environment, pollution-free, helping other people in social activities, and friendly to nature.

Tourists in Lombok

Simplicity Searchers. Holiday takes place in a simple and practical. Vacation implemented quickly and would not be difficult with the planning and others are troublesome. Pamper theirself, certainly in consideration of safety and comfort.

Obligation meeters. The trip is a goal, regardless it is related to other matters, such as business or a short holiday. They think practical and always look forward technological assistance to facilitate their journey.

Rewards hunters. Type tourists who walk around as it gets 'gift', also called 'bounty hunter' and very pampering theirself. A gift that is expected as a result of the investment of time and energy that they earn before.

Well, after seeing the above 6 types of travelers, of course you get a clear picture of the tourists of the world, maybe they are all around you.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia /Images F Benjamin, L Tobing)


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