First Nude beach in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal in Mpenjati

A secluded beach is located outside the town of Margate, South Africa

West Cape, one of the beaches in South Africa

After going through a lot of controversy and a series of objections from local residents, community groups and even joined in the Concerned Citizens Group which protested the opening of the beach.

Local authorities finally officially opened the country's first nude beach in November 2014, of course with a lot of studies on the environment and its impacts.

Citing an article from a travel website, CNN Indonesia, Serge Pavlovic, Chairman of the South African National Naturist Association, said about this, "We are here legally. There are a lot of emotion around this. But people do not understand that the naturist want to become one with nature. There is nothing sexual with this."

Beaches in South Africa

They are, the nudist are certainly welcome, and there will be no arrests for visitors who do not wear clothes.

Beaches in Mpenjati will welcome with pleasure the presence of naturist, so called on them, and is open to the whole world who want to enjoy nature without any clothes.

(Source M Wahyuningsih - CNN Indonesia, Times Live /Image D Upala Poucin, A Soekirno)


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