Gunnar Garfors, World Class Travelers

Journey to visit all the countries in the world before his 37th-birthday

He is truly world class travelers, need no doubt it again, and has become one of the youngest who visited 198 countries. It's all real, he’s first foreign trip is visiting Greece at the age of only one year old.

Norse origin youth, indeed has made his dream became real, even when he learned of a country that is less well known, thus he is the more curious to visit it first, he went to Kenya, Tanzania, China and India.

Perhaps no one believes, he has visited Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, countries may be of natural charm and hospitality of the population in those countries, and in 2008, he decided to visit all of the countries in the world.

Great trip which not everyone is able to do so, after coming back from five continents around the world, he wrote a travel book entitled "198: How I Ran Out Of Countries". Many things can be learned from his experience, such as how to arrange finance, customize the way local food, how to adapt to the rules and laws in other countries.

The inspiring trip to anyone who love nature, the Earth and all of its contents, even awaken consciousness that birth place is something a gift, appreciate it and live into its parts need each other.

As said by Gunnar himself, while giving a promotion of course, in the end he remains aware that the country from which he comes is that still has the most beautiful landscapes, romantic summer, aurora in winter, the fjords, mountains, glaciers and small islands. Certainly everyone will be saying the same thing.

(Source G Laras Widyaningrum - Intisari Online, Kompas Travel, /Image Gunnar Garfors Page)


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