Chinese Tourists behavior in Hongkong Changed

Hong Kong has always been a major attraction for tourists China

Mong Kok, Hong Kong

More than one hundred million tourists from China on vacation to various corners of the world, the main tourist spots into the goal, but that does not mean they ignore Hong Kong as a preferred tourist destination.

Hong Kong does have a lot of advantages of tourism, amusement parks, shopping, culinary, places of souvenirs up to the diverse places of accommodation, it has become a habit for tourists when visiting the hill and beach in one day, such as The Peak, Victoria Harbour, and the Giant Buddha.

The unique combination of a variety of world-class attractions and exciting rides for all ages, shopping and dinner, as well as visiting amusement parks, such as Aqua City, Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, and even the grandeur of the Grand Aquarium that featuring more than 5,000 fish from 400 species different.

Hong Kong from The Peak

Causeway Bay, Victoria Park, Hong Kong

Chinese tourists mainly from the upper middle class, chose Hong Kong as a place to spend their holidays, offer a variety of luxury goods and branded, even some household products became one of the options, such as milk and diapers. And, even as they begin to look for areas of the property, something interesting as a result of the development of regional tourism.

Hongkong gain of 5 million tourists visit and most of it comes from mainland China each month, and this amount is almost equal to the population of the country itself, 7 million people. Don’t be surprised when you see the shopping centers become colored by the presence of tourists from China, look at the queues at tourist attractions, places to eat, and souvenirs places.

Significant contributions to tourism, supporting industries such as hotels and places to eat has become a destination that can not be avoided, all full and unexpected blessing.

(Source Anastasia Joice - Kompas, Hong Kong Tourism Board /Images K Lina, Hanna Yohana)


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