Residents of Côte d'Azur Protest to the King

The King of Saudi shorten his vacation at Beaches of Vallauris

Cannes Beach, France

He is carrying out in an exotic beach holiday in the Côte d'Azur, approximately eight days, even feel comfortable in the region, but the impact on the comfort of people around.

Of course, for special guests in the region, especially for the famous King of Saudi Arabia, on vacation in a villa belonging to the king, always got a special security, the guard will be present around the area, and do not be surprised if the surrounding area becomes closed to residents and tourists who wants to pass on the beach in front of the villa.

King of Saudi watched carefully to the protest, that residents and tourists around the area feel comfort and freedom to use the beach being disturbed, he soon shortened the vacation there in the coastal area of France.

The Yachts

Indeed, the special guest is always a privilege, such as the construction of elevators from the beach to the villa for the benefit temporarily, during the king's vacation there, of course attend protests from local people, it is the holiday has been shortened from the plan about two weeks.

All the hubbub was over, the King had to fly towards Morocco aboard a Boeing 747 with hundreds of members of his entourage, would be a relief for the people around, and the beaches near the villa will be reopened since Monday, 3 August 2015, today.

(Source Kompas, BBC Indonesia /Images Asti Soekirno)


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