Public Telephone Box become a Coffee Shop

A mini coffee shop called Jake's Coffee Box

Iconic red telephone box of London

Drinking coffee has become a habit that is pleasant in the morning or during the day that goes by with severe, there is always a feeling less when not drink coffee, especially for coffee addicts. Definitely!

Well, one day you're in a sightseeing trip to the UK, or more precisely in Birmingham, believe it, you will be surprised to witness an unusual coffee shop, this is just the unused red public telephone box.

Interesting idea of its owner, Jake Hollier, coffee lover who also has the ability as a barista, no problem with the small size, mini coffee shop in the UK, but curious, when he was just two hours open, Jake admitted that he had received about 20 customer.

Jake's Coffee Box

Terrific, isn’t it?

You can stop there one day, he put up tariffs, for example £ 2.30 for a large glass of Americano, then £ 2.60 for a large glass latte or cappuccino, and there's more snack menu, sandwiches and sausage rolls.

Jake Holier succeeded in realizing his idea, the coffee shop is a project that has been planned six months, something that attracted the attention of the British public, particularly in the city of Birmingham.

So delicious the coffee, let's try it!

(Source M Wahyuningsih - CNN Indonesia /Images P Djayasupena, Jake's Coffee Box Pages)


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