Three museums in England occupy the top positions of Google search

Based on the research of London & Partners

The East Hall - Science Museum

It becomes clear now why the museum in mainland Britain to be so attractive in the minds of many internet users, through intensive research is known then the name Science Museum, South Kensington appear in the top positions in the list of most sought-after museum on Google.

If we observe further, as quoted from the article on the website of The Telegraph, this is a good news for the management of the museum, realized a lot of people from various corners of the world to find out about the Science Museum and the latest data is proving world-class status of the museums in the UK, as presented by the Director of the Science Museum in Kensington.

Even the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said, "No doubt, London is the cultural center of the world. Tourists are flooding our city continues to grow rapidly thanks to the appeal of cultural attractions and a hallmark of the city."

The Great Hall - Metropolitan Museum of Art

In addition to the existence of the museum in Kensington, second and third position is occupied by the Natural History Museum and the British Museum, we also know that museums in the United States also received significant attention, occupies the next position, such as The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Museum.

This study is part of activities to prepare for the launch of the Autumn Season of Culture program, various objects of research include museums, art galleries, theaters, and other creative works are managed in a way become a unique attraction that is able to attract the attention of many societies of the world.

(Source HA Samosir - CNN Indonesia, The Telegraph /Images Ashley Pomeroy, Sracer - wikipedia)


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