Vietnam as Holiday Destinations

Beautiful nature, cheap accommodation, and delicious food as a choice

The Girl in Hanoi

Earlier we already know the countries around this region, Southeast Asia, say Thailand is already so familiar in the eyes of the tourists, beaches, accommodations, and unique culinary.

Well, now let us glance to its neighbors, Vietnam, an extraordinary appeal, of course, culinary becomes the primary goal, the unique nature, friendly people, airplane tickets are quite affordable, cheap living costs, historical and cultural heritage sites, and diversity local ethnic groups.

The Jung at Ha Long Bay

The Bay at Night

The uniqueness of the landscape that has been widely known, for example, the Ha Long Bay or Phing Nha-Ke Bang National Park leave you in awe, dazzling bay area when you get a chance boating, riding Jung (sailboat typical in Asian countries), while around and dining on board.

Country that holds many stories of the past, historical, war stories are gripping when through former war underground tunnels at Cu Chi. And, feel the pleasure of culinary French style bread or baguette but combined with Vietnamese stuffing specialties such as pork, fried egg, tofu, or fresh vegetables.

The country continues to writhe, rose to become the new Asian country with a new attraction for tourists who are looking for something different, and preferably as one of the tourist destinations of the region.

(Source M Chairunisa – Kompas Travel,, Vietnam Tourism /Images C Kuswoyo, V Saver)


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