Atlanta Airports, Most Busy Airport's in the World

Based on the release of the annual report of the World Airport Traffic Report

Ngurah Rai Airport, Bali

Imagine a passenger who rush down from the taxi to take care of the check-in at an airline counter, at an international airport crowded with passengers, and passengers had just got off the plane, passing thousands of people who can create panic for the passengers in a hurry to leave.

International airport in the world, citing the article on Fox News, in various major cities in the world, show traffic flurry of passengers who will be traveling or off the plane, so the results of the Airport Council International stated that the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport set up as the world's busiest airports.

Changi Airport, Singapore

It means that if you become one of the passengers there, and became one of the more than 96 million people who travel through the terminal at this airport, it records in 2014 ago, it increased by 1.9 percent compared to the previous year ,

The annual report shows the 10 Busiest Airports in the World, judging from the number of passengers.

1. Atlanta, United States (96.178.899 passengers)
2. Beijing, China (86.128.270 passengers)
3. London, England (73.408.489 passengers)
4. Tokyo, Japan (72.826.565 passengers)
5. Los Angeles, United States (70.663.265 passengers)

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (70.475.636 passengers)
7. Chicago, United States (969.999.010 passengers)
8. Paris, France (63.813.756 passengers)
9. Dallas, United States (63.554.402 passengers)
10. Hong Kong, China (63.121.786 passengers)

Despite the list of the ten airports, it appeared to the bustle of the traffic flying up and down, the airport in the city of Chicago, O'Hare International still holds the title of busiest airports in the United States.

Records show in 2014 ago, O'Hare International Airport has become busy with 881.933 arriving and departing aircraft, compared to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport which recorded as many as 868.359 air traffic up and down the aircraft.

The contribution of air traffic is indeed among others from the world of tourism, it is not unexpected development, although the political dynamics in many parts of the world.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Fox News /Images Ni Kdk R Riyanti, M Kretyawan)


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