10 Most Expensive Cities and Countries in the World

According to the results of the analysis of a bank in Switzerland, UBS in 2015

Times Square, New York

Travelling by plane has given pleasure for you and your family, even your so happy to meet with a group of other friends who have been first to arrive using other aircraft, in the tourist destination of cool and exciting.

Long preparation for choosing a holiday destination, through lengthy discussions with friends or loved ones, and the time is set, let's say your goal is the cities that be an option, such as Singapore? London? or Sydney?

Big Ben, London

Tourist trip involves many things, including how much spending should be prepared, where do you think requires the most expensive cost of living? As seen through the analysis of UBS Bank of Switzerland, citing the CN Traveler website, through a report entitled Prices and Earnings 2015: Do I Earn Enough for the Life I Want? UBS classifying the country's most expensive based on the level of expenses, including rent, buy goods and services, as well as the price after tax.

Note withdraw from the list of cities and countries are the most expensive in the world, Switzerland could rise from the most expensive country for national banks in Switzerland to stop its minimum exchange rate. In addition there is an interesting factor of the expensiveness of a country level, the effect of the currency exchange rate of the dollar weakened.

The countries are the most expensive in the world.

1. New York, USA
2. Zurich, Switzerland
3. Geneva, Switzerland
4. Oslo, Norway
5. London, England

6. Hong Kong, Hong Kong
7. Chicago, USA
8. Copenhagen, Denmark
9. Sydney, Australia
10.Tokyo, Japan

As a traveler, a list of these countries does not mean we will be discouraged to these goals, travelers will determine the appropriate choice in its sole discretion. Everyone has their own assumptions, before a decision is determined, regardless they will prepare all matters, including costs. Surely.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, CN Traveler /Images Lily Priyanti, Pingkan Djayasupena)


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