Christmas without Snow in New York

El Nino is the cause, when the sea water warms up in the Pacific alter weather patterns worldwide

Times Square, New York

New York became a city that feels warm at Christmas, no snow, making the townspeople a little adjusting to different situations, and try to get around to the city parks, trees are green, grass is present in front of the eyes with joy, with the wind afternoon ,

City becomes warm, and there is no heavy clothing, even when you walk in the city center, very easy to sweat. Something different, citing CNN, metropolitan areas in the northeastern United States to face the hottest Christmas this year, surpassing the previous record.

You can take the time to walk toward Central Park, New York is usually 5 degrees Celsius, for example, Central Park recorded the hottest on record in December 1982, which was 17 degrees Celsius solved this week, at around 2 am. Even in some corners of the city, was warm, unlike usually reaches a temperature of 18 degrees Celsius at the end of the year.

Central Park, New York

Christmas Tree at The Rockefeller

El Nino is indeed reverse the situation, the city temperatures become warmer, even in some other places, such as Savannah, Georgia, Norfolk, Virginia, Philadelphia, Portland, Maine, and other cities on the East Coast.

City residents can receive, although some habits canceled welcomes snow, no ice skating, although there is a little thin layer of ice on top of it, it is not recommended for skating. Even for kids though are usually enthusiastic about moments like that.

"Exciting vacation in this city, the atmosphere was warm. We sincerely feel surprise!" said one of the tourists of Asian origin who were in groups with friends in Times Square.

"We're still going towards Central Park, it's fun. Definitely!"

It seems the world is changing, though this is temporary as a result of changes in global meteorological, El Nino was able to make it, the warm weather is not only in the daytime, night temperature 10 degrees higher than normal, according to excerpts of the site. The season that makes warm regionally, though the day would go by. Christmas remains attractive in warmth as well while welcoming the new year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, 2016!

(Source D Armandhanu - Indonesia CNN, CNN /Images L Priyanti, A Soekirno)


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