You want to try? Christmas sweater which can be Eaten in Sussex

The work of a professional baker Juliet Sear

The welcoming atmosphere of Christmas, London

Christmas is in sight, is getting closer and preparations in various places in the world are increasingly visible, various activities related to the celebration of Christmas, Christmas ornaments began to decorate a variety of shopping options, the houses looked festive with lights colorful.

A place in Sussex, England can be a concern for fans of the unique features associated with the trappings of Christmas, as performed by Juliet Sear, the idea was creative, he takes approximately 50 hours, 10 kilograms of butter, five kilograms of marzipan, and one kilogram of chocolate into a 'sweater' Christmas colored.

You want it? This is something quite different.

Of course Juliet Sear able to do so, she has a bakery shop, then born creative ideas to produce special products, make 'sweater' picture stag decorated with the face of snow.

Assorted colors sweater, red, green, white was made of the same size with a sweater that is usually used when cold.

Christmas Fair

"Nothing exciting for me than something edible," so she said, citing a travel news article site.

When you are really present there, immediately enchanted, snow motif, zig-zag lines, and facial ornaments of Rudolf reindeer belongs to Santa Claus, so it seems completely made of hand-knitted. Made from small pieces of chocolate with a red nose that come from marzipan, a horn made of cookie dough and decorated with 'snow' order further confirms the feel of Christmas

Christmas creations are attractive, although you will find it hard to wear, hahaha ... This is just part of the way to enliven the atmosphere of Christmas, of course you do not want to actually wear it on your body.

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia /Images P Djayasupena, W Sjahran)


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