Let's Find a Christmas Markets in Europe

December as the opportunity to travel in the European Christmas markets

So winter hitting Europe and not always be cold literally, since December became so lively, bustling, warm, festive with the presence of the Christmas markets in mainland Europe.

Traveled opportunity for travelers from many places in the world, know more about one of the interesting tradition in this blue continent, where a variety of Christmas ornaments, local specialties from the countries of Europe, a place to socialize and know more about the culture of this nation. Especially in the warm Christmas atmosphere, friendly, and once, quite a lot of laughter decorate their faces.

As stated in an article of Points and Travel, down in mainland Europe and visit the Christmas markets along the Rhine River and the entire continent.

Basel, Switzerland. When you present in this place, immediately enjoy the local candle lights specialties, they are experts in the manufacture of candles, as well as making glass, and roasting the beans. Maybe you want to buy it as a Christmas gift for family members.

Breisach, Germany. A mountainous region with attractive outdoor markets, lively popular with cuckoo clocks and its black forest cake. Let's enjoy the warmth of a bonfire, and drinking a glass of glühwein, guaranteed its warm your body.

Colmar, France. This place was superb with five markets scattered in different places, and the tourists love it, they will take all, curiosity and expect something unique, of course.

Strasbourg, France. Multi-cultural city, on the border of France and Germany, you will like it, because a variety of Christmas ornament, as well as the culinary local specialties - glühwein, orange chau and schokoküsse (marshmallow with chocolate wrapped), the near building around is decorated with colorful lights, the background of the carousel and the grandeur of the city's cathedral.

The city of Strasbourg is known as the first and oldest Christmas market in Europe, in 1570, called "Christkindelsmärik".

Heidelberg, Germany. Always give a distinctive memories for tourists and migrants from the nearest town, enjoy the culinary uniqueness, citizens who enjoyed typical food of Germany - bratwurst, kartoffelsalat, with the background of Heidelberg Castle.

Koblenz, Germany. A festive atmosphere, beautiful and not too crowded, if you are present at the late afternoon. Feel the atmosphere, colored lights, local culinary, nuanced ancient church that brings its own impression.

Cologne, Germany. Unique location, spread over several locations, one of which was at the bottom cathedral, not too crowded, but it is suitable for families with children, because you can find carousels (roundabout) and the beautiful Christmas decorations adorn the market.

Zürich, Switzerland. The place was quite unexpected, because you need to walk into the train station, the famous Swarovski surrounding trees. Do not hesitate to try other Christmas markets along the Bahnhofstrasse to the market in Werdmühleplatz, strongly recommended to bring your family, you can find a singing tree as the main attractions.

There are still many places to find the Christmas markets throughout the continent, you can easily around Europe, and liked the atmosphere presented, Christmas is already close. It's interesting!

(Source S Galikano - CNN Indonesia, Points and Travel /Images W Sjahran, Pingkan Djayasupena)


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