Dirtiest Cities Which Might You Find in Your Journey

Major cities in the world famous, glamor, shine, stately did not ensure the cleanliness of its environment

Neighborhood around The Westin, New York

Travelers like every detail of their journey, even entering the dark hallways, although later has risks, but experience traveled everywhere always thrilling and invited a lot of curiosity, but, behind it too many unexpected things.

Let's say a city like New York or Los Angeles is dazzling for many people, anybody, tourists, so the desire to reach these famous cities.

You want it too, of course, see it in the pictures are capable of making fascinated, isn’t it?

Indeed, there is always a study carried out by various agencies, with their variety of criteria, such as Yahoo Travel, said that New York and Los Angeles, the two dirtiest cities in the world.

Even so, we always want to get there, of course. Here perhaps we may agree or may reject the results of this study, through a survey Dirtiest Cities in the World.

New York, USA. Tops the list, you may be surprised, but according to statistics, the city is also providing shelter to about 2 million mice, even in every corner of the city, in landfills and dark alleys between its tall buildings.

Los Angeles, USA. This is a city for movie stars, actors, actresses terrific and so on, but air pollution levels are high. Even so, the tourists have no doubt towards this city, even you, is not it?

One corner of the street in New Delhi

New Delhi, India. Well, the magnificent city, but here you can see garbage piled up, the surrounding air was stifling, and pollution reached levels 15 times higher than safe levels.

New Orleans, USA. This carnival city was ranked number two in the category of pollution trash after New York. You can see rats and cockroaches running around, especially after the celebration of festivals such as Mardi Gras, which causes deposits of waste reached about 50-150 tons.

Las Vegas, USA. This is the city that he compensate the Los Angeles and New Delhi, with high levels of air pollution. Do not asked, if the city is able to produce litter number two in the United States.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Let's come to the city of the 2016 Olympics, but you also need to be prepared with an antibacterial soap, so do not be surprised, from the results of the study mentioned in Rio already polluted water. Places suspected contaminated, among others, is sea water and contaminated dirt from the pond drains.

What do you think? As a true traveler, tourists with curiosity, who always wanted adventure, all of the above is not an impediment. Everywhere, cities in the world, can all be an exotic destination. Do not hesitate!

(Source Lesthia Kertopati - CNN Indonesia, Yahoo Travel /Images L Priyanti - New York, Ariane Alana - New Delhi)


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