Most Popular Places in Social Media Throughout 2015

As is often present in front of the home page of social media sites Facebook

Times Square, New York

Open the home page of social media sites does always bring many surprises, as expected by the makers of the site is to build a spirit of friendship, although later developments do not occur as expected.

Citing an Australia Plus site, social media sites eventually became a kind of diary for the owner of the account, whether it be a personal record or upload personal photographs, photos of people nearby, the beautiful moments when together with old friends, the moment when 'hangout', complete with background image location, even photos of a trip around the world, or other great places, and so on.

That's what happened later, while the spirit of friendship that should woven even forgotten.

Many sides of a person's life is revealed through their personal account, if we are friends with, complaints from them, or even their pleasure at a tourist spot, photographs, revealed so much, and we can indirectly see where it is located.

The sights are photographs commonly seen, becomes a kind of ritual to be uploaded, so then, social media sites Facebook do list of favorite locations, the Annual Review, sort the places most often mentioned during 2015, and in accordance posts between January to December, and anonymized user data.

Central Park, New York

Be prepared, you then know the places are popular, Disney Properties be the most often mentioned, followed by Universal Studio Properties. Well, the next place is the Times Square in New York, which is famous with costumed characters, and a repeat of last year's list.

The list of locations 20 of the places in the world that is most often mentioned.

1. Disney Properties
2. Universal Studios Properties
3. Times Square, New York
4. The Eiffel Tower, Paris
5. Niagara Falls, USA

6. Siam Paragon, Bangkok
7. Grand Canyon National Park
8. Yosemite National Park, USA
9. Louvre, Paris
10. Central Park, New York

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

11. Beto Carrero World, Brazil
12. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
13. Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
14. Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
15. Ibirapuera Park, Brazil

16. Hollywood Walk of Fame
17. Madison Square Park, New York
18. Santa Monica Pier
19. Camp Nou, Spain
20. Expo Milano

Certainly various places above is not surprising for some users, as it becomes the places frequented by tourists all over the world, and we can then enter new locations, and may not yet be known, later in the day.

(Source S Galikano - CNN Indonesia /Images L Priyanti, M Kretyawan)


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