Christmas is the Best Moment to Apply Lover

Based on the survey results on social media users who opt a day for lovers

Christmas Moment at Leicester Fair

Relationships between lovers or loved ones always bring passion to do the best, choose the best moment while being alone, or would like to go to a place for dinner and other activities with a lover.

Perhaps you will do the same thing for the beloved, it is uncertain and there is no doubt.

A media writing articles, The Independent, said about the days are popular for lovers or people who are in love, you would not be surprised if most of the lovers would choose Christmas Eve to propose to their girlfriend.

Other moment is when Valentine's Day, of course we are not surprised, because the right moment as the fourth most popular day after Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year based on the calculation of the social media Facebook.

Users, approximately 2.6 million accounts that respond to these surveys closely can see how to see changes in the status of a love affair users of the social media sites.

Christmas Moment

Even a website Chillisauce found that 40 percent of people believe that the Christmas period is the most popular time to apply for a married lover. Indeed, the moment of Christmas always brings the most appropriate mood for lovers, the best moment for the mutual opening up with loved ones, and the best moment to exchange vows.

Despite that, there are also some chose Valentine's Day, about 29 percent prefer a moment on the day of love, and anyone certainly has personal considerations to apply lover. Some even choose the day of their birthday, at the end of two hearts meet, whenever it is, happiness must be pursued every day, communicate and mutual understanding.

However, it is undeniable that Christmas Eve was always special, so most did choose this moment as a moment of romance, and love can be eternal. While opening up respectively, two eyes met, a lovely evening in say a dinner with soft candlelight, and unspoken words, "Merry Christmas, Baby ..."

Euphoric mood, then all becomes easier.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, Independent /Images P Djayasupena, M Paath Djojonegoro)


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