Damaged Baggage, Airlines Has Obligation to Repay

Under the new federal law, the operator is responsible for the damage that may occur

Perhaps only in the films we see instances where employees of an airline passenger luggage tossed into the street at an airport, regardless of the intent of throwing the passenger baggage, of course, be surprising for most passengers.

The incident occurred when actually will certainly provoke strong reactions from the passengers, say one of the luggage is yours. Frustrating, isn’t it?

An article on the Fox News website reported that the US Department of Transportation gave a stern warning to airlines that do not compensate passengers whose baggage is damaged during transit. Of course, it refers to evidence that the results of the Department of Transportation at the airport on November 25, 2015 a month ago, a particular carrier routinely exclude damage certain parts of the checked baggage.

Passengers should be compensated adequately, through the new federal law, the operator is responsible for the damage occurred on the handle, zippers, wheels and other exterior baggage that exist in their responsibilities. We will be surprised by the fact that some airline baggage operator policy states they will not compensate for any damage.

Indeed, the results of further investigation by the federal agency, such as the incidents that occurred in 16 foreign and international airports, found that some airlines will not receive a damage report, which is to reject the complaints of passengers.

Trips to various places, especially for tourists, a trip that would require adequate collateral, regardless they have insurance coverage or any other guarantor, the airline is obliged to know the latest regulations related damage to baggage. Where, they will face a fine of airline operators, as well as legal action from the Office of Law Enforcement Aviation Department.

Passenger complaints should be addressed properly, because passengers or tourists want to enjoy their trip, as well as possible. Certainly.

(Source S Galikano - Indonesia CNN, Fox News /Images L Priyanti)


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