Restaurants in New York Inform Salt Content

Present in the form of symbols that serves as a warning

Times Square, New York

Enjoy your meal without salt certainly feels there is something missing, a special culinary guaranteed to include salt as complementary as well as flavoring had been believed by all connoisseurs of the culinary world.

Even a trip to the tourists who love to hunt a variety of typical cuisine in a place, certainly will look for special food, and once again the salt is complementary at the same flavoring. Such is the policy of the city government, the symbol of salt will be present in the menus of chain restaurants in New York began December 1, 2015.

It is aimed at both, because the first impact is for people with heart disease, internal medicine which is a major cause of death in New York, claiming about 17 thousand inhabitants in 2013, according to the US Department of Health.

Well, these symbols will serve as a reminder of certain foods that contain high sodium. And, of course, as a warning to anyone who is suffering from heart disease and stroke.

Symbol as a sign would be a good tool for citizens and tourists who are visiting the city, because New York is the first city in the United States that implement this policy, applies to the restaurant that has at least 15 branches throughout the United States, as well as restaurants with permission in some cinemas and sports stadiums.

Peoples at Rockefeller Plaza, New York

Sure you want to know what dose to be the benchmark for the citizens of the town or anyone visitors on where to eat, that any menu item that contains more than 2,300 milligrams (0.08 ounces) of sodium, equivalent to one teaspoon of salt, sodium daily limit recommended by many experts, must display the emblem of the salt shaker in a black triangle symbol.

Citing articles on a website, Howard Weintraub, director of the NYU Langone Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Center said, "It is not difficult to keep 2.3 grams of sodium from food intake."

Good warning for anyone, right? The following can be seen for example, in a restaurant menu, a menu chicken burrito, there are about 2,790 milligrams of sodium, foot-long menu of Italian-style has 2,980 milligrams of sodium, buffalo wings contains 3,030 milligrams of sodium, grilled shrimp and spinach salad contains 2,990 milligrams of sodium.

Anybody, would want to live longer, preferably when you pay a visit to the city of New York, do not be surprised to see signs announcement/warning. Of course, its for your kindness.

(Source Windratie - Indonesia CNN, Reuters /Images L Priyanti)


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