5 Most Feared Things While Vacationing

Sightseeing trips can turn into sadness and anxiety

The mountaineer at Mt Everest

The joy of the holiday is a dream that often occurs when we experience the routine of work, you would imagine that special moment in time with close friends, family, send news to social media, make selfie photographs and other excitement.

But. Sometimes all the excitement did not take place smoothly, there is unexpected things, and it comes so fast in front of the eye.

By the time you do not want it to happen. Your journey trip will seem futile.

As I read from an article in the tourist sites, there are always stories that are not fun during the holidays that are often faced by travelers.

1. Feeling homesick. Indeed, when you're far from home, unexpectedly, suddenly you remember your home, family, food, the atmosphere of the house and even the roof of your house. And they said, even sleeping at home is always like a paradise.

You will feel sad, even if only for a moment, longing outstanding. Without knowing it makes the holiday more appreciative of what you have achieved so far.

2. Tired. This coincided with the feeling homesick, especially the first three days and so on. You even can hardly enjoy the holiday atmosphere in the place.

You will feel less comfortable, historic building which looked mediocre, beaches, shows and restaurants. All went unnoticed.

3. Pickpocketing or loss of important goods. You will avoid this from happening, although we also know, accidents can happen unexpectedly.

Of course we must be on guard, and do prevention early, and always be careful.

4. Running out of money. Fabulous holiday lull sometimes, you forget everything. Well, at that time you have to be vigilant, money used unknowingly, excessive.

The desires to buy the good stuff, souvenirs, eat well, and the money suddenly dwindling rapidly.

You should prepare yourself for the final days on the trip, who would have guessed when you were sick, to see a doctor and buy medicine?

Even you want to watch a show, music, opera, theater and other things, high price and so on. Prepare your money for the important things and make little notes.

5. The sad news from home. It's certainly not you expect it, right? It would be very sad. News disasters, illness, including death. Excitement at a tourist spot turned into a sad story, you have to go home suddenly.

The crying on the way home, it will be bad memories.

Articles on travel sites wrote about the anticipation for tourists who are traveling alone or with the family, so do not forget to pray before leaving for vacation. Do not you want your vacation is going well and return home with happy?

(Source F Abdurachman – Kompas Travel /Image N Ginting)


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