Expelled from the Aircraft for Urinating other Passengers

Aircraft with flight number ML2673 route Algiers, Algeria to Paris, France

Exciting experience unexpected can happen to anyone, even many annoying stories, funny even ridiculous in a variety of flight in the world in a variety of routes.

And the intriguing story can happen to travelers who frequently travel by airplane. This time on a flight of Air Mediterranee from Algiers to Paris, an interesting article from the Independent today, telling an irate passenger. He banned smoking and drinking, ah ... It could happen to anyone, right?

Travelers from anywhere would be able to experience a surprise, but if someone peed on your body, it is only the end of the world, and great anger may be one solution.

Conceivably events in the aircraft cabin, flight attendants will be busy calming atmosphere, the passenger opened his shirt, bare-chested, initially he could be quiet at the request of a flight attendant, for a moment. Suddenly, for one thing, he might get bored on the plane, he returned to do the ridiculous act, somehow got the idea from where. Crazy!

He urinated on other passengers who sit side by side. Suddenly the atmosphere became rowdy, nuisance around the passenger and crew cabin of the aircraft.

Do not be surprised if later they fight, imagine you are on a sightseeing trip to a country, experiencing it, anger into a solution. Certainly.

The pilot then decided to drop off the passengers, the plane landed at the International Airport Lyon, France. Airport security officers to move quickly, and then the Lyon police immediately detain those who fight.

A shocking experience for all passengers, mostly tourists who want to go back to Paris, landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport, forced to be late arriving to approximately three hours. It was incredible.

(Source Kompas, Independent /Images A Soekirno)


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