Travelling, stay Slim and Healthy

Six ways to be traveled can maintain a healthy appetite

Ku De Ta Café, Seminyak, Bali

Arriving in the travel spot and all the wild sensation in the head flashed, want to go there, wanted to come here, even a typical local culinary hunt, has become a liability. Travelling has become a way of life for some people, so it is in line with the lifestyle, the desire to look for unique, including food, is something that can not be avoided.

Well, very risky if we, as tourists are not able to maintain health, when choosing a local specialties.

After reading an article from a lifestyle site, we can try to follow the advice of Graham MacGregor, chairman of the group Action on Sugar, which gets the finding that 98 percent of drinks from the coffee shop and coffee shop fast had higher levels of excess sugar in the portion of their drinks ,

It is dangerous, isn't it?

When night falls in tourist attractions, the desire to hangout on one of the famous cafés, definitely. However, we remain vigilant, health during the tour it certainly needs to be maintained.

1. Choose eggs and cheese (the number of calories < 400). Many choices of food or pastries, such as donuts topped with sugar, choose egg sandwiches and cheese. Eggs and cheese contain proteins that help control appetite.

2. Tea first, please!. You can choose green tea that keeps the body slim, because the opposite effect than regular tea. Better precedes drinking tea, before ordering a coffee in large portions.

3. Brewed in a cold state. This is great as a concern, because it tends to be less delicious cold coffee (loss of taste and polyphenols), good for health. Another effect is reduced bitter taste and is able to control the desire to add sugar.

Outdoor café, Lombok

4. Try not to eat a muffin (the number of calories> = 440). Calories contained nearly one-quarter of fat and sugar. Risk is the desire to increase again, again, and increase the daily calorie consumption.

5. Separate food with cream cheese (the number of calories> 500 and 20 grams of fat). Meals are included in this type of cheese and cream content, such as bagels, tasty indeed. When did you really want to enjoy it, you should ask for cream cheese or avoid altogether separated the cream cheese.

6. Mix with milk. This is consistent with recommendations from the USDA and many health experts, in order to mix other foods with low-fat milk, remembering some important nutrients can be absorbed through the fat.

Sightseeing trip is fun for anyone, and the desire to try anything, overseeing the content or the content of foods, fat, cheese, milk or anything else that may be on a certain type of cuisine. Traveled and always stay healthy. It was definitely, is not it?

(Source E Priherdityo - CNN Indonesia, Action on Sugar /Images D Bintang, F Benjamin)


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