How to Make Video of "Traveling"?

Video tour itinerary always give personal memories and inspiration to the travelers

Raja Ampat, West Papua

Making video traveling is a challenge for most tourists or travelers of the world, as the media pour description of the trip, certainly an interesting material for a close friend or a reference for the next trip.

An interesting article from a travel photographer who has adventures in the world of photo and video traveling, Barry Kusuma, is enough to help the travelers, if they want to make their own travel videos.

Video does give the impression of a personal journey, but on the other hand gave an overview of the special features of the trip itself, the excitement would freely travel or desire for exploration destinations visited.

1. Make it as appropriate to make a good travel photography. Think of the concept, which we want to how the video later. For example, a wide variety of travel videos, travel documentation, exciting action with friends, coverage of tourist sites, video timelapse or stock video footage about the beauty of the destinations visited.

2. Make sure the video theme is traveling. To whom the public audience, television or social media needs. Of course you have to prepare for a pocket camera or DSLR entry level is perfectly adequate. Can also needs action camera - for the needs of cam action - was enough for video quality travel.

3. Take the video scene as much as possible. As it will facilitate and help you when the option to edit. Video is not much different with the photo, take as much as possible and choose the best footage of all the existing stock.

Wayag Island, Raja Ampat, West Papua

4. Prepare a lot of or enough battery. It is an obligation to have at least one spare battery, even two. Because of the situation in a remote location, not unexpected, but it has an incredible view, say in Raja Ampat, West Papua. Do not let happen suddenly you run out of battery video camera.

5. Look for an interesting angle. In order to create angles are also very different from others. Video camera technology and accessories at this time can help you. Try to find references on YouTube as a comparison nice trip and storytelling video.

6. The current technology is very helpful. Without a DSLR camera, we can use the smartphone. So all happen easily, without complex video equipment.

Of course as a traveling professional video, it is advisable to use mirrorless and DSLR cameras. But this time by using any kind of camera we can immediately take action, through use of the camera does not shake or always stable with the help of equipment such as a tripod or stabilizer for cameras.

(Source Kompas Travel, B Kusuma /Images H Darmawan, H Merna Wowiling)


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